Graduate Studentship Program for 2010

(Masters, Doctorate, Post-Doctoral Fellowship)

Studentship Grants are designed to increase the capacity in Ontario to conduct research in problem gambling. You can get more information on the Guidelines for Studentship Grants here.

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ID Investigators Title Institution Award Type Awarded
2769 Robert Williams
Rachel Volberg
Best Practices in the Population Asssessment of Problem Gambling: Establishing a Canadian Benchmark and Researching new Techniques University of Lethbridge Level IV $441,416.00
2957 Jonathan Fugelsang, PhD
Karen Collins
Kevin Harrigan
Michael Dixon
The Impact of Sound on Psychophysical Response to Slot Machine Play University of Waterloo Level III $149,066.00
2982 John McCready
Randy Stinchfield
Cross-validation of the Windsor Ontario Problem Gambling Scale (WOPGS) and the Windsor Ontario Screen for Problem Gambling (WOSPG) Healthy Horizons Consulting Level III $190,800.00